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Dragon’s Den is a distinguished online platform dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, businesses, and investment enthusiasts. Created with a vision to foster the growth of innovative ideas, Dragon’s Den has emerged as a authority in the field of business investment and entrepreneurship.


Dragon’s Den was founded in 2005 by Margaret Hancock, a visionary entrepreneur herself. It originated as an insightful television series that showcased aspiring entrepreneurs presenting their business concepts to a panel of seasoned investors, known as the “dragons”. Over the years, the program garnered immense popularity for highlighting groundbreaking ideas and connecting entrepreneurs with capital.

Margaret Hancock

Margaret Hancock, the forward-thinking pioneer behind Dragon’s Den, has been an inspiration to countless entrepreneurs globally. With an innate understanding of the struggles faced by business founders, Margaret dedicated herself to creating a bridge between innovative ideas and potential investors.

Having been an active participant and investor in multiple industries, Margaret possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in nurturing startups. Her formidable network of industry professionals has fueled the success stories of numerous entrepreneurs who have emerged from the Dragon’s Den.

Website Creation

The creation of the Dragon’s Den website was a strategic move driven by the desire to extend our reach and impact. Recognizing the limitations of television in reaching a broader audience, we decided to establish an online presence that furthers our mission: to provide informative guidance, inspire creativity, and facilitate meaningful investment opportunities.


The primary objective of the Dragon’s Den website is to serve as an authoritative resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike. We aspire to curate and deliver invaluable content that aids passionate individuals in realizing their business dreams. By providing insightful articles, expert advice and the latest investment trends, we aim to equip our readers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive business world.

Target Audience

Our platform caters to a diverse audience, including budding entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, angel investors, venture capitalists, and anyone passionate about innovation and investing. Whether you have an innovative idea to pitch or are seeking capital to grow your business, Dragon’s Den is your one-stop destination for inspiration, knowledge, and connections.

Unique Value

What sets Dragon’s Den apart from other similar platforms is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We have an exceptional team of experienced and highly skilled editors who painstakingly curate the content to ensure relevance, reliability, and accuracy. By maintaining rigorous quality standards, we enable our audience to have complete confidence in the resources and information we provide.

At Dragon’s Den, we actively foster a supportive and inclusive community. Our platform encourages collaboration, networking, and mentorship, serving as a powerful interface to connect entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and angel investors eager to fund innovative projects.

We invite you to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with us at Dragon’s Den, the definitive resource that transforms ideas into successful ventures and dreams into tangible accomplishments.

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